The new CabiLED LED control cabinet light from BRENIC

Modern LED technology, high-quality materials and simple installation – our LED control cabinet light combines all of these. The asymmetrical optics of this LED lighting provide perfect illumination of the entire control cabinet. This LED light also offers particularly powerful LED lighting, with up to 900 lumen and an illuminance of up to 1,800 lux, measured at a distance of half a meter.

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Schaltschrankleuchten von Brenic


We support our customers through the whole process of product creation with professional engineering solutions. In doing so we support companies in the fields of lighting technology, test bench technology, energy technology and medical technology, as active development partners. Our main specialisms are electronics development and product design.

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BRENIC Engineering

We turn your idea into a finished electronics product. From the first circuit design to outstanding-quality prototypes.

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Modern product design focusing on ease of operation and design, for future-oriented use.

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